POSTED ON February, 21 2017
 Security in Your Security

The senior managers of a well-run business understand the activities that enable success and these activities are managed, measured and optimised.  In your business, if information technology is an enabler of success leaving information security to chance is no longer acceptable.

There are a number of reasons that leading businesses are taking information security seriously.  Firstly, almost every business is becoming more dependent on their IT systems meaning that any systems failure has an immediate impact on business operations.

Secondly, IT systems are even more connected which exposes your business data to a global network where there are malicious organisations carrying out computer hacking on an industrial scale.
A third major reason is that legislation such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been put in place which substantially increases the penalties on businesses who do not have the appropriate information security controls in place to effectively enable data protection.

Just like any other area of business IT security (or Cyber Security) can be improved by examining what you want to achieve and drafting a plan to get there.  The first step is to understand what your business requirements are, what is the key information and systems you need to protect, and what are your options for achieving that cost effectively.

When the key data and systems are identified, then controls can be put in place to ensure the security of those assets.  These controls include processes such as data backup, procedures to change passwords and technical solutions such as anti-virus, firewalls and data encryption. 
Information security is achievable for every business if the objective is well understood.  Businesses with an awareness of IT security procedures and who have appropriate controls in place can be confident that their data remains secure and their IT systems operational. 

If your business needs to improve its security posture, then INNOVATE has expertise to assist and a range of security solutions from organisations such as Microsoft and Cisco.


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