POSTED ON August, 23 2017

Traditionally, on-site Private Cloud dominates organisational technology. It’s a great start for any business. Before talk of ‘digital transformation’, ‘the server is down’ served as a typical technological statement. It usually indicated a Private Cloud technicality was stopping users from accessing online resources.

INNOVATE adapts some clients’ Private Cloud to avoid downtime from the network. Limited lines of internal business processes hamper the potential for streamlined servers matching every organisation’s branch of service. However, this negative is not the fault of the client. Rather, the technology reflects the organisation’s needs.

With Public Cloud management, your organisation’s business processes benefit from a live user input. Active engagement with the live system provides increased efficiency. IoT monitoring uses machine learning and pre-emptive alerting to identify proactive work. The Public Cloud avoids downtime and system faults. Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge account for these advances.

On the one hand, the Public cloud offers flexibility, scalability and agility to bring a new line of business applications into your existing environment. On the contrary, it’s complex. Weekly enhancements deliver constant changes. However, Private Cloud does not allow for continual improvements. At INNOVATE, we transfer to the cloud model based on professional expertise. INNOVATE conducts a holistic assessment of your technology. Tests account for design validation consistent with software guidelines. Meanwhile, reference architecture examines organisation’s facilities. INNOVATE understands the need for sensible analysis.

Unlike INNOVATE, competing cloud migration project providers tend to review documentation from different software companies. However, cross checking supported software versions running on support operating systems limits the range of analysis to the technical realm. If you focus on technology alone, you ignore the ramifications of cloud migration. Some organisations might possess a legacy line of a business application making cloud migration a liability rather than an asset. Moreover, servers impact organisations. Its technological depth extends far beyond a departmental domain. Public Cloud migration presents short-term challenges. However, modernisation convinces organisation decision makers to adapt to the new and to improve business processes. Today, business leaders across the country grapple with Ransomware, Crypto and other cyber-attacks. Soon, they face GDPR penalties for data non-compliance. Short-sighted investment in on-site legacy support does not match the benefits of keeping up to speed with technological improvements.

INNOVATE’s technical solutions break new ground for Irish organisations. However, digital transformation arises from a holistic understanding of your organisation. Sound technical advice ensures the timely transfer of the Public Cloud model. Office 365 and Microsoft Azure offer a broad range of Software ‘as a Service’, Platform ‘as a Service’ and Infrastructure ‘as a Service’. These cloud-first packages offer users a monthly financial price. These technologies reduce the complexity of data protection, whether in an email, SharePoint, OneDrive or teams. A single policy and a single compliance centre make it easy to identify breaches and act on them in line with businesses processes. INNOVATE replicates its clients' desires. It is the fundamental defining characteristic pitching us against our market competitors. Public Cloud usually bolsters organisations. Herein lies the platform for an INNOVATE-sponsored ‘digital transformation’.


Michael Redmond, Professional Services Lead at INNOVATE


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