POSTED ON August, 8 2017

Today, INNOVATE celebrates a milestone.

We moved into Innovation House at the M11 Business Hub in Gorey, Co. Wexford.

INNOVATE needed a new home for quite some time. By all accounts, Innovation House will reflect a national organisation with a community-based ‘Teaghlach Sínte’ attitude. Trust, respect and leadership shaped the construction of this landmark headquarters; these values will continue to shape our south-eastern headquarters.

As CEO, this project serves as a personal renewal. Since co-founding the organisation in 2005, INNOVATE’s growth shifts the focus of my energies. With this growth rising, I specialise in the important things at the root of our success: our values and our culture.
Actions at INNOVATE reveal a living culture. Empty language and over-used leadership talk does not wash with INNOVATE. Instead, we operate on the principle that our word is our bond.
Our move to Innovation House is a prime example. Today, we see the fruits of everyone’s graft. Innovation House involved selling a vision and persuading a range of stakeholders to collaborate on a distinctive project. It involved trusting partners to meet our standards. It involved trusting our team with the execution of a fundamental accomplishment.

For twelve years, our people shaped our success. At INNOVATE, we pursue the optimal environment for person and organisation alike. It is about enabling people to pursue their very own fulfilment. Innovation House heralds the success of this rite of passage. With Innovation House, we now seize the moment to re-envision what is possible for INNOVATE.
I did not walk into our new office until this morning when we celebrated its opening. I wanted to experience this stunning attainment as a member of the INNOVATE team. After all, this project is the realisation of a team’s vision.
Today, we move into a building that reinforces the bedrock of INNOVATE.
Today, we move home.



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