POSTED ON November, 1 2017
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Across Ireland, organisations are starting to realise that digital transformation is not about reinventing the wheel. 

It's about applying technology to business goals, or as we put it at INNOVATE, transforming technology to power your organisation.

  To achieve this, INNOVATE works with trusted partner Microsoft. Around the world, big brands are aligning with Microsoft. They choose Microsoft's cloud - Azure - over other market leaders, and they're moving in waves. Azure is growing at more than twice the pace set by Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Azure makes the cloud scalable and secure for all. Take our recent deal with the Irish Greyhound Board.
INNOVATE's people adapt legacy solutions for the Irish Greyhound Board's technology infrastructure. Microsoft's trusted reputation gives us a platform to complete a seamless migration of technology from AWS to Azure. Pre-cloud infrastructure needs cross-system support. With Azure's hybrid set-up, it's manageable to make a complete move to the cloud.
The Irish Greyhound Board use Azure-run cloud services to future-proof video streaming at greyhound meetings. Extra features, metered price affordability, and data capacity expansion give weight to Azure as the service of the future.
From on-site tote betting to off-site spectating, the Irish Greyhound Board benefits from running applications on multiple platforms.  Data security is vital too. Azure enjoys a trusted reputation for customer data usage, which is essential in light of upcoming GDPR regulation.
INNOVATE's partnership with Microsoft Azure makes IT solutions affordable for businesses across Ireland. Like Azure, our service serves as a flexible and affordable monthly investment in your technology. With INNOVATE, you can focus on your own organisation's core competencies and business goals.

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