POSTED ON October, 5 2018

Cybersecurity and Threat Protection with Cisco Umbrella and Barracuda Essentials

Over 30% of Irish businesses were affected by a cyber attack last year, and this is estimated to rise to 50% with an ever-increasing threat landscape.

With up to 90% of targeted cyber-attacks starting with an email, how are you protected from malicious web and email attacks?





How are we protecting sensitive company data and breach of internal data?



Do we know what to do and who is doing it in the event of an attack? What is our business continuity plan? How long will it take to get us back up and running? Do we have back-ups of company data? When was our disaster recovery (DR) plan last tested?



Is our company email and file sharing secure? What process is in place to eliminate the use of unauthorised shadow IT?



What security measures have we in place to authenticate user ID and access to data?


Mitigating business risk requires a layered approach to IT security solutions. Fortunately, companies can ensure they are not vulnerable to any new security or compliance threats by using cloud-delivered security solutions. A multi-layered approach will address the largest threat vector the internet, both the web and email infrastructure.

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