• Safe Shopping Online - Helpful Tips

    Protect your information when shopping online

    Many of us have turned to shopping online, but it's important to be aware of the threats that we face when buying from websites. INNOVATE have..



  • INNOVATE July Newsletter

    Welcome to our July newsletter, we take a look at the Hybrid Work of the future, Cyber Security and more! 


    Today teams are more dispersed than ever before, and this means we are more susceptible to threats and attacks on our systems.

  • Power Into the Future

    Today, teams are more dispersed than ever before, and this means rising complexity at a time when you need to move faster. 


  • INNOVATE March Newsletter

    Welcome to our first newsletter of 2021, we have a lot of interesting updates for you this month. 

  • Importance of a good Business Communications System

    An efficient communications platform is now more important than ever before for businesses. 

  • Are you Ready for Microsoft Azure?

    In a year when business plans are changing day to day, businesses are assessing on a more regular basis how they are performing. 

  • Pre-return to Work Form with Microsoft Forms

    As part of our measures to return to the office safely, we needed our staff to complete and return the 

  • Custom Backgrounds for Microsoft Teams

    Working in our home environments can be a challenge. As we adapt to working in our new spaces one of those  

  • Working Effectively from Home

    Check out our Top Tips to assist you working from home. 

  • VoiceGrid Customer Update

    We are receiving feedback that some of you may be experiencing issues when making phone calls. Capacity issues with phone carriers 

  • INNOVATE Customer Update

    It is clear that COVID-19 has us working in unprecedented times. Since our inception, our customers 

  • The Power of Azure

    Azure is Microsoft's public cloud computing platform that provides a range of cloud services, including those for compute, analytics, storage and networking. 

  • Windows 7 no longer supported

    Microsoft have announced end of support for a number of mainstream operating systems for user devices and servers.