• Practical decisions when moving to the cloud

    Many people ask whether moving to the cloud will save them money. The honest answer to this is it usually does, but not always – don’t get me wrong, in a lot of cases a move to the cloud provides..

  • How to build a strong business case when moving to the Cloud?

    If you are thinking of a move to the cloud, the starting point is to build a Cloud Strategy - and then develop a Migration Plan to support your business goals. This is achieved with a Cloud Readiness..

  • Top Benefits Of Cloud Computing For Your Business
    The cloud has become a core component of business technology strategy. Over recent years there has been a shift in the conversation around cloud adoption, and businesses are no longer just talking..
  • Why we need Cloud Computing in today's workforce?

    Enter the cloud. Business leaders are recognizing that cloud is just what is needed to address this technology gap among employees accustomed to easy-to-use, instantaneous access.