• Ways Modern Technology Can Support More Productive Employees

    In the not so distant past,  IT engineers weren't able to be as productive as they are today.  They had many difficult, labour intensive tasks including looking after things such as

    • Installing..
  • Boost Your Revenue With A Secure Modern Workplace

    We now spend less time at the office and are collaborating more than ever before in teamwork. Today’s most productive employees are paid to think and collaborate with distributed team members,..

  • Accelerate your GDPR compliance using leading technologies

    With the deadline for GDPR fast approaching, less than half of Irish businesses are ready for the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force in May despite that the..

  • INNOVATE achieves new Microsoft accreditations

    INNOVATE continues to drive a digital transformation agenda with its clients, to assist them in their own digital transformation of their businesses.

  • Why Microsoft Azure is a Game Changer for Irish Organisations

    Across Ireland, organisations are starting to realise that digital transformation is not about reinventing the wheel.

    It's about applying technology to business goals, or as we put it at INNOVATE,..

  • Bad Rabbit Ransomware Campaign

    Threat Spotlight: Follow the Bad Rabbit

  • Innovate delivers emergency response during Storm Ophelia

    An emergency response team who lost their main power supply during Storm Ophelia were still able to reassure almost 10,000 calls from panicked or injured elderly people, thanks to a top-quality..

  • Digital Transformation in the IGB

    The Irish Greyhound Board (IGB) has announced a five-year technology partnership for a digital transformation which will see the sport enhance both its target audience and its customer experience.

  • Digital Transformation in Action

    Everywhere we look we are seeing articles and events aimed at explaining and bringing to life Digital Transformation. It is tempting to ignore it as something that is overhyped and not relevant, or..

  • The Rebirth of Digital Transformation

    Traditionally, on-site Private Cloud dominates organisational technology. It’s a great start for any business. Before talk of ‘digital transformation’, ‘the server is down’ served as a typical..

  • Moving from one cloud to the next!

    Moving from one cloud to the next!

    Today, I fly back to Ireland after a stimulating Microsoft partner Inspire 2017 conference.

  • Protecting your organisation against cyberattacks.

    Protecting your organisation against cyberattacks.

    In the aftermath of the Wannacry virus attack, I had a feeling that a repeat attack was likely. Yesterday, the Petya attack took hold. It's another..

  • Why we need Cloud Computing in today's workforce?

    Enter the cloud. Business leaders are recognizing that cloud is just what is needed to address this technology gap among employees accustomed to easy-to-use, instantaneous access.

  • Security in your business

    The senior managers of a well-run business understand the activities that enable success and these activities are managed, measured and optimised. In your business, if information technology is an..