POSTED ON August, 17 2018

Innovate's Cloud Strategy Briefing Event with Microsoft

Spinning ... spinning

When we are looking to solve a business problem, we often reach out to our network for help, and some of the richest conversations are those informal chats where challenges and ideas are discussed.

I am constantly looking for new ways of doing things, in part because I have a low boredom threshold level for spinning on the same issues time and time again, and in part because of my drive to make things happen. But not change for change's sake.

The richest conversations we have with our customers are when we discuss what they are looking to achieve in their business, and the roadblocks they are encountering. Looking at the big picture as well as the stuff that is tripping them up on the way. What are the spinning stones frustrating their progress? Only by understanding these challenges can we know what technology and approach to apply to solve these challenges.

This is the where the team at INNOVATE show our value. I am continually learning from Enda Cahill, our CTO and his technical team, from the depth of their technical knowledge and how they approach and architect IT solutions for our customers.

We create deep partnerships with customers who also understand the value and transformative powers of IT to solve business problems.


The cloud is not a place—it’s a business strategy


I would like to invite you to our cloud strategy briefing, to show you how we can make the cloud a game changer for your business.

Meet our panel of senior business leaders who discuss the game changers for their business and share real-life experiences on how a move to the cloud unlocked their growth potential and solved business challenges.


Please join us on Wednesday 5th September in One Microsoft Place, Leopardstown. 

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So you think you know what cloud can do for your business?

  • Evaluate if a move to the cloud is right for your business
  • Learn how to build a cloud strategy plan that supports your business goals
  • Understand cloud investment models
  • How to optimise your existing cloud infrastructure
  • How to increase the reliability and flexibility of your IT infrastructure
  • Understand how cloud solutions can extend additional services to your customers and open new business opportunities
  • Which cloud-delivered security solutions offer the best protection against modern security threats
  • How cloud solutions can support your business continuity plans
  • Practical steps to moving to the cloud, how to avoid business disruption, migration plans and piloting workloads

INNOVATE's Cloud Strategy Briefing Event with Microsoft


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