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Business Phone Systems for Unified Communications

Sometimes it’s the simple things that matter most. Unified Communications as-a Service - The Simple Things.

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On the death of Margaret Thatcher, someone created a hashtag #nowthatcherdead. People started tweeting to say how sorry they were to hear the news, what a great entertainer she was(huh!) and what a great singer she was!! It soon became apparent that some people had read the hashtag and thought “now that Cher dead”. This is an example of how a communication message can get missed or mixed up.

In this super-fast, super-competitive world in which we all live now, it is getting more complex and more costly to stay in touch with our clients, our co-workers and our-selves.

Sometimes we think that all our competitors and other similar sized companies have it sussed and we are constantly “behind the curve”.

Let me tell you a story about a client of mine.

I met these guys a few weeks ago to have a chat about VoiceGrid and our Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offering.

They told me that they have a traditional PBX system. About 5 months ago, the Voicemail service stopped working. They called in their telecommunications support company (One of the large Irish ones. You could guess it in one). The support people had a look at the issue and came back to the client about 4 weeks later saying that there was no way of sourcing the parts required. The only option was to purchase a new system for a significant capital expense.

The client simply did not have the capital budget at the moment. So they thought the only option was to patch up the system as best they could and continue on.

However, this caused a huge amount of hassle to the business. Anyone moving away from their desk had to put a manual divert to their mobile. This worked out costing the company a large amount of additional expense every month for these calls.

Even with the divert function, the company were aware that they were missing calls, missing messages and were concerned that their levels of customer service was falling. So they were very concerned about missed or mixed communications both within the company and more importantly with their external clients.

However, they could do nothing about it until they had the capital budget to upgrade their business phone system. Right??


Following our initial conversation, we had a look at their total monthly telephony outgoings. Within 3 days, we were able to design and propose a brand new solution to our customer. With VoiceGrid we were able to deliver a brand new PBX and phones. What made it so compelling for the client is the fact that we could provide the complete solution on an Operational expense basis. So the client did not have to endure a large capital outlay. The following day our client called 3 reference sites and the deal was done.

Not only did the client get Voicemail back, they got tonnes of additional functionality. They are using the extra functionality to make significant improvements to their level of customer service and are confident of never missing another order.

Even though our expectation is that everyone is on line 24 x 7, sometimes for our business to survive and thrive, all we need is the simple stuff delivered in a fast and effective manner. It really can be that easy.


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Pat O'Leary

Account Manager

Business Phone Systems for Unified Communications

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