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Ways Modern Technology Can Support More Productive Employees

In the not so distant past,  IT engineers weren’t able to be as productive as they are today.  They had many difficult, labour intensive tasks including looking after things such as

  • Installing Office on 10’s, 100s or even 1000s of computers, each one to be done individually with a person physically at the PC. 
  • Implementation and management of complicated communication solutions for conferencing and calling between branches and offices with the added requirement for management and space for stacks of switches with wires going everywhere. 
  • Management and sharing of files and folders that could be a nightmare, and easily lost or altered. If the office was locked for the weekend and you needed a file from your computer you’d have to wait until Monday!   

All these different business needs used to require different solutions, physical space and time-consuming installations and management.  But technology has changed and here are just a few of the ways modern technology can support more productive employees.

So Whats Changed?

As technology has evolved, so has the software that businesses need.  Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based system that takes lots of these requirements and provides them in one easily accessible place for everyone who needs them in your business.

  • Document creation, editing and viewing with Word, spreadsheets with Excel or that deal-sealing presentation in PowerPoint are all accessible in one place, anytime, anywhere.  Just log in to Office 365 for your business and all Microsoft’s Office Suite is there available to all members of staff.
  • Need to organise a conference call or send someone a message in another branch for a quick catch-up like you were just meeting by the water fountain?  Then Skype for Business is there at your disposal.
  • Share documents, collaborate and work together to edit them with SharePoint and store them in a secure online location.

These solutions alone have made work in the modern office environment a much more productive and less stressful place but now Office 365 has made them even easier to implement, access and manage. 

The Modern Way To Manage, Streamline and Collaborate

Office 365 is not just a tool to allow everyone in the business to access everything from anywhere, it gives you a way to manage a whole business.  Groups can be created to ensure documents and communications between one team don’t overflow into others.

IT Management can be a logistical nightmare as we all know, but streamlining everything into one easy to access central location which is off-site can be a huge time and space saver.

The Office 365 Dashboard allows you to administer different roles to manage different areas of the business or leave it all in one place.  All you need to connect to another person in your business is a connection to the internet and Microsoft can handle the rest.  No more need for stacks of switches with wires pouring out everywhere.

Regardless of whether you have space for computer storage in your office, Office 365 with OneDrive means that that the storage centre can be hosted online in Cloud storage eliminating the need for local storage and all the risks that come with that.

The internet has opened up a much more competitive market for most businesses and your business can’t afford to only open Monday to Friday 9-5.  Now with Office 365 the office can communicate, manage, document and share 24/7.

Time, space and logistics must be managed and deployed to their full potential to keep up with this market, or maybe you just want it all to be that much easier. 

“A place for everything and everything in its place” but if that place is one place then everything is just easier.  Microsoft Office 365 is the place for everything.

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 Written by:  Grant Evans,  Educate to INNOVATE